Tales From Lives Aloft

Everyone’s story is unique.  It is a diligent yet delicate procedure to raise up each one.  As you peruse this gallery you’re not going to see a “Keith Miller Brand” stamped down over these remarkable lives. No, in fact, Keith goes out of his way to elevate your signature style, not force you to the ground with his. A simple assessment helps Keith better understand who you are, your personal preferences, and what drives you and your decision making process. Then he can start illustrating your life's adventures through your surroundings.  That's when the fun takes flight!

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A South Lake Union 2nd Home

A second home for this active couple who enjoy gardening at their sea view residence in California, Bill & Patricia were looking for just the right in-city setting for visiting Seattle area family. They found it in Seattle's burgeoning South Lake Union neighborhood. Patricia wanted to live among misted gardens on a soothing cloudy day in a decidedly modern setting with unique flourishes to compliment their spirited collection of art by Yuri Gorbachev (as in Mikhail's nephew). We selected an achromatic palette of cool and warm grays with confined embellishments of the full spectrum throughout, which only nature can inspire.

Live It Up

Picture yourself living your fullest life in the finest environments. You've gathered stories from adventures that span your life thus far, but how can you bring them home in a way most meaningful to you? Besides, you've got enough plates spinning as it is. Partnering with some of the best life and wealth advisors, realtors, architects and contractors, Keith can escort you through lifestyle planning, financial strategies, property acquisitions, feasibility studies, design+build concepts, and maintenance programs that maximize your investment with lasting intelligence and finesse. You have an important role to play in this exciting transition, but he'll assemble the appropriate specialists to do the heavy lifting so you can relax and watch the plates spin themselves.